The Freight Report

Freight  Estimation Platform for Drybulk Market.
Predictive Analytics , Business Insights , Real-time Data


The Freight Report is not a calculator, We are estimating current market freight rates. The Freight Report provides freight estimation to drybulk market with tailored analytics.

Real-time Data with Artifical Intelligence

Data is synced in real-time & processed through algorithms on the go to provide you with valuable information

Business Insights

Frame profitable business methodologies and strategies based on in-depth analysis of data through machine learning

Predictive Analytics

Use Data Intelligence to understand market and customer trends and Grow your business with us!

Enhance your business strategy with The Freight Report Intelligence Platform

Master the art of forecasting with our Artifical Intelligence which analyses market trends to predict Freight for the future.

A New Era in Freight Estimation

The FREIGHT REPORT favors its client to determine the right information and estimating the freight among the convenient ships in real-time.

The system calculates the Freight sorts the vessels through the positions across the projected zone by utilising the details of the appropriate ships according to client’s loading region. Nevertheless, it helps you to compare and benchmark the vessels in terms of freight, date, workability and availability.

Just enter a few basic items then all information you may need regarding your calculation is in front of you within a few seconds.

What’s The Freight Report?

The Freight Report enables you to access Freight Analytics from various sources on a single dashboard. Further, The Freight Report offers detailed report for estimations which include Fuel Expenses, Agency Fee, Canal Fee, T/C Equivalent, Distance, Misc Costs, Insurance each estimation meeting specific needs of our clients. We understand that each business is unique, thus The Freight Report provides tailored details in reports, however in a much shorter time than any Freight Estimator.

Redefine decision making with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Power your business with Artificial Intelligence.

We understand your requirements, select the most relevant data model and train on your past data to create an algorithm that can make your business more intelligent, more efficient and completely data driven.

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how Data Analytics is beneficial in framing profitable methodologies, determining market trends and understanding consumer behavior. There are many players in the Analytics market, but none of them offers a pretictive estimation consolidating data from multiple platforms into a single interface. That is when we decided to create The Freight Report.

Reliable Dataset

Database management is our most important job so we spent thousands of hours on keeping them up-to-dated and corrected. Our dataset consists of pieces of information of all dry bulk markets from the port’s geographical position to vessels special conditions.


Algorithms settled by our experienced brokers to estimate datasets logically to market conditions. These calculations include Daily Hire, Ballast Condition, Fuel Consumption, Port Costs, and many others to provide reliable freight rates on each route.


The motto is the most simple way to present all experience to you. A/I powered Analyzers are Using a lot of modules to estimate only suitable vessels. The Freight Report solves the whole process with analyzes that require the experience.

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