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The Freight Report

The first steps of The Freight Report project came out in 2009 in line with the need for freight rate calculations by companies. The required database was created until 2014 and published in that year. The Freight Report is a platform that offers Ship Chartering solutions. Expert staff and innovative developments in the calculation of freight, which is the most important step of chartering, carry out digital experience.
Freight Report combines the information which receives from reliable sources with our unique algorithms to calculate the correct freight numbers.
With Freight Report you can get rid of many unnecessary operatives and increase your concentration on your work.
The Freight Report will prove to be a valuable companion to your decision-making process.
The Freight Report team regularly update and support the system with market surveys and algorithms.The Freight Report operations are performed by Handysize Chartering Pool Team.

Just enter a few basic items then all information you may need regarding your calculation is in front of you within a few seconds.

Vessel Estimation Platform

Our motto is to provide our clients Freight Reports instant with market knowledge and experience so developed “Vessel Estimation Platform”.

Easy to use, reliable information flow. Our superiority is estimated accurate freight rate by Artificial Intelligence.

The Freight Report is calculating the Tailor-made freight rate for each tonnage candidate that offers you to benchmark available tonnage candidates according to current market freight rates.
With the asset values created by our experienced brokers, we calculate the cost of each ship correctly.


A special algorithm estimates asset values according to the specifications of the vessel's commercial details such as tonnage, grain capacity, flag, speed, consumption, gears, built, and TPC rates. The Daily Hire Rates and Bunker Prices are regularly updated every day for the current market rates.

This State-of-the-Art application simplifies the evaluation of available vessels for mentioned shipment and is the perfect guide to the freight risk management and decision-making process.

Reliable Dataset
Database management is our most important job so we spent thousands of hours on keeping them up-to-dated and corrected. Our dataset consists of pieces of information of all dry bulk markets from the port’s geographical position to vessels special conditions.

Algorithms settled by our experienced brokers to estimate datasets logically to market conditions. These calculations include Daily Hire, Ballast Condition, Fuel Consumption, Port Costs, and many others to provide reliable freight rates on each route.

The motto is the most simple way to present all experience to you. A/I powered Analyzers are Using a lot of modules to estimate only suitable vessels. The Freight Report solves the whole process with analyzes that require the experience.

Freight Estimation Platform

The system is real-time Freight Estimation tool which makes business easier on the Drybulk market. Our System allows you to speed up your decision on Freight Investigation Stage furthermore support you about dealing with against your shipment risks. Our System created to companies to save time and improve their capability about making a decision on the Accurate Freight Rate. Freight Report increases your capability of making right fixtures on the reasonable period.

The Freight Report brings you the latest in dry bulk freight rates, so you can analyze the dry bulk freight for your employments The Freight Report is a regularly updated that offers current market freight rates (over 18 million routes) and clear analysis of the latest dry freight and fixture rates.

The fast and straightforward way that future brings us for business. The Freight Report aims to make your business experienced and easy on your fingertips.

The Freight Report offers you to use our all-in-one place solution for shipping related information and estimations such as Disbursement Account, Canal Fee Estimations or Bunker, Commodity Prices or Port, Vessel Details.

Our system has got essential superiority against the same systems on this subject. First of all, It is time and energy saving in your daily business life.

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