About us

The first steps of The Freight Report project came out in 2009 in line with the need for freight rate calculations by companies. The required database was created until 2014 and published in that year. it was first offered free of charge for accuracy checking.

The Freight Report operations are performed by Handysize Chartering Pool Team.

The Freight Report is a platform that offers Ship Chartering solutions. Expert staff and innovative developments in the calculation of freight, which is the most important step of chartering, carry out digital experience.

Freight Report combines the information which receives from reliable sources with our unique algorithms to calculate the correct freight numbers.

With Freight Report you can get rid of many unnecessary operatives and increase your concentration on your work.

The Freight Report will prove to be a valuable companion to your decision-making process.

The Freight Report team regularly update and support the system with market surveys and algorithms.