Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Laycan
  •  Type of Cargo
  •  Cargo Quantity
  •  Loading Port
  •  Discharge Port
  •  Daily loading and discharging rates
  •  CommissionPlease do not forget to select details from drop-down lists.

a. Port Charges

– Applying Usual Port Tariff
– Only Anchorage to Berth shifting included to D/A
– System assessment Each Port Environmental Factors & Risks
– Consecutive hours

b. Cargo & Stowage Factor

– Relevant cargo intake based on cargo stow factor and port draft restrictions.

c. Canal Expenses

– Panama, Suez Canal and/or Bosporus Straits costs
– System Use Canal tools to estimate Canal Fees
– Average rates used on calculation

d. T/C Equivalent

– The system appoints trading rate for each route and multiple rates with Baltic Exchange Daily Average Hire Rates.
– Ports Condition, Sanctions, Distance from main routing points and Geographical positions of ports determinate trading rate of route
– System assessment each particular cargo conditions to calculate daily hire
– System figure daily hire rate basis APS

e. Bunker Expenses

– System calculate upon closest and cheapest main bunker port fuel prices
– Thousands of tonnage bunker consumptions already registered to system for calculation
– System calculate upon Vessels ECO Speed and Consumption
– Bunker Prices regularly update by Ship & Bunker

f. Distance

– Sea Margin to take account of potential weather delays on ballast and laden passage.
– System calculate ballast voyage days
– Nautical mileages used on calculation

g. Sailing Plans

– System consider the shortest way between ports
– Piracy Zone allowed but Piracy Premium insurance costs already added to freight
– Deviation or Transshipment not allowed.

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