While agency costs are being calculated, calculations are made on various data.

Such as ;

Ports Country
Geographical Position
Exchange Rate
Port Route

The system determines the fuel port when the fuel price is low and closest to the loading port is used.

The weather conditions are taken into account when calculating the distance. The time of voyage is calculated according to distance and ship tonnage.

The Baltic Exchange daily avarage rates and trading rates between ports are used while the hire is calculating the index.

The resulting figure is multiplied by the ship asset rate to find the exact daily hire of the ship.

The calculation is made using daily fuel consumptions of all the vessels registered in the system. Lubrication oil is included in the fuel price.

The fuel quantity and Constant drop from the vessel deadweight tonnage to find the vessel dwcc figure of the system. In addition, when cubic capacity calculation is made, the Stowage factor is calculated using current rates.