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Conditions & Disclaimer Notice

Freight Estimation Conditions

General Terms

• Open Port is Vessel Last Called Port Name

• Expected Ready to Load dates is Vessels ETA dates to Loading Port

• Canceling date is Latest date of Laycan

• All costs are not guaranteed but given by good faith

• Summer Water Tonnages considered for vessel DWCC

• Vessels’ Fuel consumptions calculated based on ECO Speed

• Fuel Consumption Calculated based on Clean Bottom, Good Weather Condition Beaufort Scale under 4 Douglas Sea State 3, and no adverse effect of sea and current, and no negative influence of swell.

• Freight Estimations include Ballast Voyage Costs

• The Freight Report remains to keep all rights to Users account against non-Ethical behaviors.

• Miscellaneous costs include Piracy Insurance Premium, Lubrication Oil, Hold Cleaning, Communication, Charterers Liability.

• Agency Fee Estimated basis Usual Port Tariff

• Bunker Prices Collected by

• Hire Rates algorithm uses Baltic Exchange Daily Average Rates

• © All rights reserved. No part of this publication reproduced in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means) without the written permission of the copyright owner. Likewise, any quoting prohibited without the written authorization of the copyright holder.

• Freight Rates estimated on conditions as here below.

Vessel Questionnaires

• The performing vessel to perform the voyage with a single decker, self-trimming bulk carrier

• The performing vessel will be classed with each member class society

• The performing vessel is in every way fitted to load intended cargo and has required certificates accordingly

• The performing vessel has all valid documents/certificates available on board for the draft survey.

• The performing vessel is in every respect free to call ports, have not blacklisted by authorities of loading/discharging countries.

• The performing vessel’s holds are in every way fitted for loading/discharging, has no structural obstacles which may suspend are slow loading and unloading operations.

• The performing vessel’s holds/hatches/hatch covers to be water tight, staunch and fully eligible for all cargo operations.

• Bimco cargo handling gear clause to be applied

• All cargo spaces clean, swept, dry, and free of any articles of the previous voyage and must satisfy shippers otherwise time lost to be for owners account. In case of shipper request for hold clean certificate same to be for owners’ account.Any disputes which arise due to hold cleaning mutually independent survey would be appointed and his finding /decision to bind both parties finally.

• The performing vessel has no arresting order, debts, lien, levies, distraint that will object currency of this charter party. In case of any failure due to arising such kind of trouble owners to be responsible for all losses, expenses, delaying that will effect charterers trading.

• The performing vessel complies with all laws and regulations in the trade which the vessel will employ in during the duration of this c/p.

Port Terms

• Basis one safety berth one safety port aaaa loading port to one safety berth one safety port aaaa discharge port

• Loading and discharge conditions per weather working days basis

• Owners always have to check and satisfy themselves about port/berth/draft limitations/restrictions at load port and at discharging ports. The performing vessel complies with terminal rules and conditions. • Nor to be tendered shinc bss wwww.

• Time for shifting from roads to berth, draft surveys, arrival departure formalities, hold inspections time to count.

• Opening and closing of the hatches, whenever required by charterers, shippers, receivers and/or stevedores to be done by vessel’s crew in charterer’s time and expenses, provided local regulation permits same.

• Laytime to commence 12 hrs after nor tendered validly bends.

• First Shifting anchorage to berth costs and time to be for owners’ account. The second Berth and remain shiftings to be for Charterers account and time

• During loading operations, if loading is prevented or stopped by vessel, due to insufficient pumping of ballast, time lost not to count as laytime.

• Bimco stevedore clause to be applied

• Charterers/shippers/receivers have the right to use bulldozers, forklifts, winches, hubes, grabs in holds but the weight of said types of equipment not to exceed tank top strength.

• Draft survey to be owners’ account and time to count as laytime. Master has to supervise to draft surveys.

• Dockage/Wharfage if any to be for Charterer Account

• Time used before the commencement of laytime not to count.

• Charterers appoint agents to be used at both ends, owners to pay all port charges at loading and discharging port(s) as usual. However, always official tariff to be applied. Proforma disbursement amount at loading port(s) and discharging port(s) will be remitted by owners directly to loading port and discharging port agents before vessels arrival to the ports in question. Charterers are not responsible if there rise any delay, penalty due to delay in payment or non-payment of disbursement accounts.

• If any waiting due to tidal restriction, time not to count

Cargo Terms

• Sole Shipment

• Free in out stowage

• Taxes/dues/charges on crg/freight to be for charterers account. Taxes/dues/charges on vessel/flag/crew to be for owners account

Additional Terms

• Eta notice 3/2/1 days before ETA

• If Charterers require ”freight prepaid” bills of lading, same will only be released upon receipt of freight by owners or presentation to owners of proof of freight payment

• Extra insurance, overage premium if any for charterers acct.

• War risk premium insurance if any to be for Charterers’ account

• Paramount Clause general is incorporated (bimco wording), New Jason Clause, both to blame collision clause and p+i bunker deviation clause to be incorporated in the c/p

• Subject to special terms of cargo, port, terminal, vessel, sailing route, charterers financial conditions • Bimco voyage clauses to be applied

• Owners will provide SMC, doc, classification cert, itc, certificate of compliance for carriage of solid bulk cargo which also suits for loading of c/p cargo, pandi and h&m certificates

• Bimco bunker fuel sulphur content clause not applied on this c/p

• Bimco ISM clause to be applied

• Owners shall provide preliminary cargo plan upon fixing main terms, Otherwise, charterer/shipper/stevedore to decide stowage plan and ventilation plan and owner to compensate any additional cost

End Conditions


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